maintrac® is suitable for long-term monitoring during anti-hormonal therapy. Here, it is recommendable to determine the CETCs every three to six months. If the cell count is increasing, a change to the drug may be considered (e.g. a switch from tamoxifen to aromatase inhibitors or vice versa). If the cell count is decreasing or remains the same, the therapy can be continued.

Aid to decision-making at the end of anti-hormonal therapy for breast cancer

Up to now, anti-hormonal therapy was ended after 5 years. However, recently there is discussion about continuing for 10 years, as there is a belief that a proportion of the patients profit from longer therapy.

Close examination of the patients to determine to what extent the CETCs increase again following the end of the therapy can give an early indication of increased tumour activity. Resuming therapy could possibly prevent relapse for these patients (see image).

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